voice training

K r a f t w e r k S t i m m e

Voice Training is the technical fundament you need for speaking. It means working on your breath flow, your individual voice delivery and your articulation. The exercises we do will enable you to develop your personal voice program.  

You decide whether it takes place as an individual or a group lesson.

Working on breath and voice production entails…

  1. Developing your ideal posture and physical tension

  2. Becoming aware of how much breath you need for speaking and performing

  3. Extending your resonance spaces

  4. Giving your voice space

  5. Practicing to speak with easy flow, according to the situation and over longer period of time

  6. Learning how to deal with stage fright and excessive demand by helping your voice with physical exercises

For articulation…

  1. We do exercises for the jaw, the lips, the tongue and the palate

  2. You practice exact hearing, in order to be able to form vowels and consonants correctly

  3. You practice to articulate carefully and exactly

  4. You learn to apply rules which govern articulation and rules concerning accentuation