K r a f t w e r k S t i m m e

... and imagine your voice as an acoustic calling card !

Our voice has great impact on the impression we make. In fact, it is the most personal tool one can use to convince, to be  heard, to win confidence.

Especially  for professionals  - actors, teachers, lawyers ... -  whose voices have to be cared for, kept healthy and maintained the voice should have a firm flow supported by centerd breath and developed resonance that allows the voice to be projected without strain or effort.  The individual voice combined with the flexibility to vary tone and inflection, should have an appropriate pitch range.

When speaking our whole body is involved, not only our vocal cords, our lips and our tongue. Speaking means interaction of breath, voice production, articulation and body awareness.

Many of us go to yoga or Pilates classes or to the gym. You should think of voice training the same way. It is painless and it is fun.

Why not get started right now?  Make this the year you think seriously about your voice and it’s effect!

Nela Bartsch